Hana Babková

Project Manager

What do you like most about garden architecture?

The ability to form the environment in which we live. Make people’s daily lives more enjoyable. I love the feeling that I can fulfil a client’s wishes and reward them with happiness and joy; in the place we created together.

I also feel endless value in creating spaces for future generations – well designed greenery is certainly created for our children. The amazing possibility to do something for the environment, even if it is just one drop in the ocean.

Where do you get inspiration?

I am looking for my inspiration in Czech landscapes, which is inscribed in most of my designs, and in landscapes all over the world. For contemporary elements and opportunities using new materials. I regularly visit not only world trade fairs in Germany and England, but also model gardens in Germany and the Netherlands and extensive garden nurseries in Germany. Every time I visit any city, I mustn’t miss a walk through the local parks and botanical gardens.

Which project do you like the best and why?

Markéta Šindlarová’s rural garden in the Orlické Mountains, which completely connects the ambiance of the house with the countryside, incorporates contemporary elements with dynamic perennial flower beds. Thanks to the fireplace, swimming pool and other residential areas it makes the garden even more enjoyable.

Your hobbies?

I love to travel, rather than cities, you’ll find me in the mountains and somewhere amongst nature. I like to try and learn new things. I really enjoy adrenaline. It has a very distinctive feeling for me. I prefer to spend weekends rock climbing and I enjoy playing the saxophone after work.

Your favourite place in the world?

Rainforests have a place in my heart. I was enchanted by the Caribbean, Martinique and a rainforest in Peru I found interesting as well. I hope to visit many more.

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