Jitka Ullwerová

Project Manager

Where did you study and in what field?

I studied garden and landscape architecture at Mendel University, Faculty of Horticulture in Lednice.

What do you like most about garden architecture?

Working with plants and their communities. Use of landscape architecture to solve current ecological and social topics – water management in the landscape, declining bee colonies, man’s diversion from nature and working with soil. Connection through practical craft experience, theory and knowledge on a personal base, as well as through cooperation with other professions.

Which project do you like best and why?

A timbered house garden in the Orlické Mountains, because it fits beautifully into the landscape while providing all the comfort of a private space without feeling secluded.

Where do you get inspiration for your work?

I always get inspiration by walking everywhere with my eyes wide open and my little sketchbook in hand, I don’t miss anything. I also experiment with new species of plants and constantly improve my mother’s garden; I am still learning the craft of gardening there.

Your hobbies or life motto?

I am still very excited after finishing a triathlon sprint (750 m swimming, 25 km mountain bike, 5 km running). The preparation for this event was a challenge to myself for last year and this year. I hope to ride this wave of euphoria and energy for quite some time.

Your favourite place in the world?

At home in Náchod, at the junction between the Krkonoše, Broumov and Orlické Mountains.

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