Markéta Mlejnková

Project manager

Where did you study and in what field?

I studied Gardening and Landscape Design at the College of Horticulture in Mělník, Bachelor’s degree in Gardening and Landscape Architecture at Mendel University in Brno. I also have an engineering degree in Gardening from the Czech University of Life Science, Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources.

What do you like most about garden architecture?

I enjoy creative supervision the most, where I can see our ideas turn into reality and the reactions of the client throughout the transformation. Their impressions and emotions from development to completion. I like to conceive garden concepts, give space a new functionality and bring it to life. I enjoy combining client requirements with my own and my team’s ideas, using the genius loci and continue with this in certain garden projects.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I follow several groups related to garden architecture on social networks; I keep an avid interest in colleagues within my field. I try to track and attend events abroad as much as I can. Last but not least I attend various seminars and I still continue with education in the field. The greatest inspiration is within nature and the landscape around us, and of course from my journeys abroad.

Which implementation do you like best and why?

Klínec, a garden with a ‘’Froggy’’, I am very pleased with what my colleagues created. I like the combination of plants in purple and silver. And I also enjoy the seating bedside an outdoor grill. I was also interested in a Natural Garden designed for a family with children in Popice, near Jihlava, which won a bronze medal for the Garden of 2017 and is from the same creators – Klínec. The space around the fireplace is designed by architects, but acts as a natural barrier. There is fantastic path leading through the geraniums. From my team’s gardens; I like most, the garden in Chabry, it’s a completely different garden to what we would normally recommend. Work on this project was quite demanding, clients had quite specific requirements, however, the end result was amazing.

And what about your hobbies or life motto?

My biggest hobby is my “erdelka Hašlerka”. I can’t imagine life without her. Even if it means altering my lifestyle. I enjoy yoga, good food, traveling and trips in nature, I harness my energy there… And my life motto? What does not kill you, makes you stronger.

Your favourite place in the world?

Bohemian Paradise, I grew up there. Also in the mountains, anywhere and anytime of year.

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