Natália Vataščinová

Project Manager

Where and what did you study?

Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra, Faculty of horticulture and landscape engineering, department of Garden and Landscape Architecture

What do you like the most about landscape and garden architecture?

Diversity, elegance of space, producing original elements, minimalism, variability, functionality, life, working with people.

Where do you the get inspiration for your work?

In accomplished projects. Through people with inspiring ideas that can be transformed into concepts. In nature, which is raw and simplistic. In literature. The most filling thing is to view everything in its absolute reality.

Which part of your work do you like the most and why ?

Rooftop garden in Prague – Holešovice (summer 2013), it was one of my first jobs. Roof terraces are always challenging, and I left my entire heart there. Another one is private garden in Košice (summer 2017), very modern garden collaborating with a very generous and inspiring client who loves a challenge. It was an amazing cooperation.

Have you ever been awarded for your work?

Garden of the year 2014, 1st place – Private rooftop garden in Prague – Holešovice.  Project size: 430 m2.

Garden of the year 2016, 2nd place, Private garden with a player above a water mirror in Olomouc, Project size: 72 m2.

Public anonymous proposal of park recovery Janka Krála in Trnava in 2017, 3th place.

What about your hobbies or life motto?

I like photography, preserve the moment. I like water and whatever is connected; surfing, traveling to the new places, jogging – clearing your head, yoga, my faithful dog Asha, building architecture, and graphic design. I like original, elegant, the old and the new.

Where is your favorite place on the entire planet?

Anywhere by the water. My heart belongs in Portugal and Spain.

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