A birch garden

Characteristics: We were contacted by the owners from Slovakia to alter an already established garden. Originally assigned to make only adjustments around the new building, however, we also provided the existing part of the garden area. In the garden there are many small places with slight details. Around the Wellness building there is a contemporary space with a seating area by the pool, which is shaded by a tree on the terrace. There is a travertine “levitating” staircase leading to the terrace. In the evening there is beautiful back lighting. Around the wellness area in places under the so-called razor blade (a characteristic element extending the walls from the building from the architect) arise rain beds in gravel. There is a wooden footbridge behind the building corner going through a bamboo alley with an outdoor shower, leading into the rain garden, which was created as a Zen space for views from the rest room, but it is also used by children on hot summer days for games. Children’s features such as a double swing, cableway, terrace on the tree are also located in the garden under the treetops, which created a pleasant microclimate for a yoga house. Pleasant sound in the garden is complemented by water bowls in beds. The utility garden has found its place both in the reconstructed greenhouse and in the passage part of the residential house in the form of raised beds. Detached part is the atrium space in a residential house. It pacifies by the water surface with mobile terrace and multi-stem toadstools in terrain flower beds in gravel.

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