Garden by the Vltava (golden medal 2014)

Characteristics:  The spacious roof terrace with panoramic views of Holešovice was intended to become a residence, at the same time a safe and playful space for three small children. Several corners were created on the terrace, which made the flat terrace area a dynamic space. The terrace is divided into a living area with a summer kitchen at the entrance, which was covered with a construction of opening planks. The original wooden terrace leads to several interesting places on the terrace. The seating area with an outdoor carpet for comfort complements a small water element with jets in the pavement as a playful element for children to run and also serves as a sound backdrop. Behind the mass of greenery in the container is a long wooden bench designed for views, leading to an outdoor fireplace with a screen, which is the garden shed for garden and other stuff. The opposite part of the terrace behind the wooden walkway provides facilities for children’s games both in the grassy area and on a specially crafted wooden boat with a children’s net created by Lucie Nepasická. An interesting element here is also a lookout with fixed binoculars. Solitary flowerpots with trees designed specifically for this garden were placed in the space. Safety was provided here by a raised railing around the perimeter, which was woven on site. The layout of wooden seating cubes is complemented by the effect of the terrace’s habitat and the marine-industrial style.

150 150 Garden by the Vltava (golden medal 2014)