Garden for hardy

Characteristics:  The concept of the family garden is based on the original garden layout that the owners wanted to modify. Both the cellar, which limited the underground space and bathing in the garden, were to become newly added elements to the garden. A pilot combination of a swimming pool and an outdoor sauna was created in the garden. The water surface connected to the extended terrace by the house was the main feature within a small space. It brings to the garden not only bathing, but also relaxation supported be an interesting mirroring providing an optical enlargement of the space. Bordering perennial grass beds built on the fruit-herb are part of the garden, which the owners use both for preparation in the kitchen and for fast consumption for children at the same time. The creation of a children’s corner in the front garden includes a climbing wall, swing and trapeze for exercise and hammock for relaxing. The sidewalk to the entrance is separated and lined by smaller catalpas and perennial flower beds.

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