Garden with a red bench

Characteristics:  The garden next to the modern family house is attached to the surrounding park and provides space for introducing more trees. The garden is dominated by a lawn on entering, which is bordered by a wooden beams. This is completed by simple compositions of flowering perennials and shrubs. A distinctive element in the garden is a water element with an overflow set into a stone-wooden wall adjoining the slope with a staircase leading to the vegetable garden. The overflow opens into a smaller area, which is also used for cooling in hot months. Pleasant shade is provided by a dominant multi-stem tree in the lawn, which is also home to the local birds. There is a corner with a willow tunnel for running with the accent of the red bench for children. The garden is tracked by a pedal path from a formatted stone, lined with strictly planted grass vegetation in a small birch grove. The entrance is also bordered on one side by a wooden screen and grasses with hedges.

150 150 Garden with a red bench