A garden with a black bench

Characteristics: A modern minimalist house situated in a hillside next to the forest gives space for a simple garden with a view. The main area for changes was the hillside next to the house, which is fitted with a group of birch trees with an impressive undergrowth of grass and perennials. Created with a contrasting bay with a black terrace and a black massive bench in the hillside. With symbolism of water and fire in the form of metal bowls made as drinking fountains for birds and a fireplace. Also incorporated is a shading tree on the terrace and also a playground with the possibility to cover it with simple netting. It also includes a simple horizontal exercise bar, also used as a swing for children. There are cherry blossom trees on the side of the house with flower beds that support the vertical elements of the house. The bottom part of the hillside is the essence of minimalism having different varieties of grass which complement the houses architecture.

150 150 A garden with a black bench