Garden with roses

Characteristics:  The Garden modification was created next to a First Republic’s Vinohrady villa. The villa is situated on a hill with panoramic views of Prague. The garden is in a formal style with simple functional greenery with a predominance of classic roses at the owner’s request. The entrance part is planted with dominant trees in the area, which were supposed to bring shaded and curtain from the neighbouring house. Beds of hydrangeas and rhododendrons line the pavement and staircase leading to the middle floor of the garden. Here the green grass area contrasts with the white facade of the house and connects to the pool. This is well complemented by flowing roses on the structure of the house. The lower part of the garden is followed by a slightly folded staircase with a balustrade, which passes into the older granite stairs intertwined with green cracks. Here dominate mature trees and planting of various types of hydrangeas, rhododendrons and undergrowth perennials. There is a walk through a muddy circular walkway incorporating a stone bench. Under the wine cellar there is a bed of roses and lavender, which are repeated around the railing of the staircase. Terracotta pots with solitary trees are used to complement the overall theme.

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