I don’t know why, but somehow working on my debut published book “Live in Your Garden” I recalled that it was a piece of cake. However, it was not that easy to write a second book.

Svou novou knihu Žijte ve své zahradě Fardinand Leffler do detailu propracoval

You try to focus to avoid repeating the same to the generous reader and also trying to formulate your thoughts thoroughly, because you feel a great responsibility. Thinking about thousands of households and the same number of libraries in which there is an upright and confident gray spine book with the words Living in Your Garden, I simply can’t help feeling responsible.

I have read every page over and over again and there has always been something to improve. Is the photo thematic enough? Is the concept too broad? Does the reader understand what I wanted to express? In this book “Green Rooms” we prepared some real treasures for you. I call them gifts in the publication. You will receive valuable “Know-How” guides – on working with beautiful perennial beds in different garden environments.

Once again I was not alone writing the book time as well. (You wouldn’t be done yet). A colleague Jiří has detailed a neglected gardening format – Use of light in the gardens. His wife Zuzana produced hundreds of beautiful new photos for Flera and for this publication. Terezka Frcalova has been with me right from the very beginning. She has been bravely arguing with me back and forth, with many sleepless nights. She was also the screenwriter of Ferdinand Gardens and manages public relations for Flera.

What we created in our studio was immediately sent to the publishing house Host in Brno. In waiting was graphic designer Lucie Zajíčková provinging her precise, delicate and responsive design skills – Creating clear and eye-catching concepts sent for approval.

Beautiful graphics from Lucie

“I remember quite fondly one morning in July two years ago when we were visited by “those TV people” in the editorial room of Host publishing house: Ferdinand Leffler and Tereza Frcalová wanted to plan a publication on the subject of garden architecture. My responsibility was to prepare the graphic design.  I knew already form our first meeting that it will be an inspirational and creative summer and very hard work at the same time”.

It was like we were creating a new garden project – Instead of planting flowers we planting photos and text.  Evolving the slow process of opening a new gallery, not with just one, but dozens of dream gardens. When the publication was delivered from the printer and we first flipped through its pages, it was like jumping into a clear lake, tasting the season’s first strawberry or gazing into a camp fire. The publication “Live in Your Garden” will soon run through a third reprint and I believe it has pleased many readers.

Two years have passed and another publication is on the way. Meanwhile, the second “Television” series was filmed – ‘’Ferdinand’s Gardens’’ with dozens of new projects, the atmosphere of which we will share with you throughout 312 pages. Tereza and Ferdinand are in the process of selecting the best cover photo for final release! We can’t wait to open the “Green Rooms” to everyone. Due for release in October!