New book release – Live in your garden

Gift Idea:  for your friends living abroad or for foreigners living in the Czech Republic.

Ferdinand Leffler, well known personality in the Czech contemporary landscape and garden architecture, the host of Ferdinand’s gardens show, is publishing an English version of his very successful book “Live in your garden”. “ Subjects featured in my book are not restricted to the borders of just my country. The Book showcases gardening principles and questions; which are important to address whether you are in the Sumava Mountains or the Canadian wilderness.

“When abroad, I have to quite often forget everything I have learnt in Czech gardens. To understand the space, which you are surrounded by, I always need to be honest and open. It is important to ask the difficult questions.”

The book “Living in your garden” was so successful, that after being on the market from one a month, it required a new publication release.  The new English version “Live in your garden” was published by the publishing house HOST,

The book is also available on Amazon.

Studio Flera is one of the largest landscape and garden architect studios in Central Europe. Their work is available throughout Europe, Canada, Costa Rica and Zanzibar. The Studio Flera team has been involved in designing large volumes of family gardens, as well as preparing urban surveys for the mountainous regain of Harrachov. Studio Flera are also cooperating with renowned worldwide development projects; Sakura, and participating in green coastline concepts in Rotterdam.

  • Which of your experiences abroad are most memorable?

Ferdinand Leffler: “I flew to Zanzibar in November. We finished project Zuri there.  I started to understand during the project conceptualisation, how difficult it is to convince that the local gardeners use plants from the jungle which are weeds. I will not ever forget Canadian lumberjacks. In the Czech Republic, we would question if it is possible to replant large trees. They just dig it out and put it somewhere else. It was sensitive and straightforward.  No science involved. The trees are prospering well.”

  • Do the rest of the world and Czech landscape and garden architecture have something in common?

Ferdinand Leffler: “ For the third world countries,  gardening is about cultivation and live stock. Western countries are having a similar life philosophy. Although, they can afford to be interested in garden architecture as a form. In our country, USA and the Scandinavian countries, it is becoming evident for instance hygge – to peruse everyday happiness in your life and garden. We are asking: What makes me happy? Other similarities over the continents are: how to save and conserve the environment we live in, and how to utilise local products and materials.”

  • Does Czech landscape and garden architecture have something which can inspire the world?

Ferdinand Leffler: “A fruit orchard. But we are not trying to create Czech garden architecture. We want to create great landscape and garden architecture.”

  • Where would you like to design a garden?

Ferdinand Leffler: “In Scandinavia.  For the same reason I was interested in Canada.  I think that Scandinavian nature is not destroyed by artificial ideas. It is still deeply embedded in original roots, which is very inspiring. I very often encourage everyone to get back to simplicity. In Scandinavia I would live through it all again.“

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