Atelier Flera projects emphasize sustainability and an understating approach to the environment

Atelier Flera style is born from the ideas of the founder Ferdinand Leffler.

Flera architects are very receptive to natures seasonal changes. We perceive this as the greatest asset and benefit of your garden. The whole process of  concept and growth as well as the matured elements are not concealed, all aspects are considered, contributing and supporting the originality of the gardens design.

Přední český architekt František Leffler je úspěšným inovátorem v oboru

What can you expect

On commencement, we will have many questions. Your input provides a stable foundation for your garden project. Try to answer a few simple questions about your garden. Where is your favourite spot in your garden? Where do you have the best view? Where is the ideal view your house?

Where does your neighbour spend most of their time? Do you like an open fire? What about water? Can you imagine exercising in your garden? If you would like answers to more questions and see the insights of an architect, order Ferdinand´s publication ”Live in your garden“.

How we manage projects

All our garden projects consist of  two phases:

  1. First phase is understanding the project at hand. (Larger projects are split it to phases of – conseptual and comprehensive)
  2. Second phase is implementing or tendr/selection documentation with detailed reports.

The Flera team will completely support you all the way. From the design to tendering the perfect fit for your garden project. Flera has the knowledge and are affiliated with highly reputable gardening contractors and suppliers. We are also open to work with reputable contractors of your choice.

Go through of our project documentation examples so you have some insight to the project. If you have any question do not hesitate to send us an e-mail. It is always our pleasure to answer your questions.


Do you like The atelier Flera work and philosophy? Before we meet for the first time, think deeply about what you expect from your gardgen? Write down your garden wish list and provide us some pictures of your garden, home and near by surroundings. If you have the house plans share it with us as well. You can find further inspiration in our book „Live in your garden“.

We are sure that you would like to know the project cost. For instance if your gardens measurement is around 600 m2 garden, the garden study/documentation can cost around cca 100,000 CZK inc. VAT and implementing documentation costs are cca 100,000 CZK.

You can find more information about project documentation hereHow we work“. Costs include the amount of hours and work we will spend on your project. It means that for larger scale projects the cost does not multiply. The overall cost will not be signifigantlly different. Projects depend on the amout of work and changes made. Every project is throughly reviewed.