Learning with Atelier Flera

If you have ever attended the Flera Academy, you will know that there is always some improvisation. Every single seminar is original, different and never the same.

Ferdinand shares the Flera know-how. Flera Academy has developed a series of informative seminars. The main objective of these seminars is to showcase and illustrate the Flera philoshopy to the public.

The series consists of three independent evenings seminars. We will inspire you and evoke your creative side. After that you wan´t be able to wait to start and change your garden.

You will view an assortment of creations and contemporary garden designs. Each seminar consists of three segments. Ferdinand always starts entertaining through imagery and emotion. The Second  segment is examining practical information. The third segment is discussion. Ferdinand and his guests address questions e-mailed in advance to the seminar.  Using concrete examples to discuss ideas and information presented through the seminar.

You can join of all seminars or attend individually. With the completion of all seminars, you will receive a summary of contemporary garden design.

Flera Academy is very popular with the general public as well as gardening students and those with an affinity to the Flera style and philosophy.

If you missed out on our seminars, we will gladly inform you via e-mail about upcoming seminars. Kindly please leave us your contact details.

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Atelier Flera vzdělává veřejnost o zahradní architektuře na přednáškách Flera Academy

Lecture 1

A distinctive garden

We will describe how to deal with the different types of gardens and landscapes. Whether it is in urban or rural areas. Ferdinand will explain his approach how to effectively use tiny garden as well as to make cosy large garden. Landscape architect Jana Pyšková, Ferdinands co-worker and good friend, will introduce the concept of a family-friendly garden. Explaining how to plan the planting of blooming flower beds with respect to light, soil, water, location and altitude.

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Ferdinand Leffler přednáší na přednášce od Flera Academy o zahradní architektuře

Lecture 2

Green rooms

In this seminar you will learn to design harmonic and functional garden concepts. We will discuss proportions, measurements,  unity and harmony in the garden. Ferdinand in this seminar divides garden into little elements for comparison with the home. Every part of a garden is like a room for entering,  through the living room to the kitchen, pantry and nursery. He describes rules for every area and gives valuable tips to help plan your own garden with ease. The specialists from Flera introduces plant assortments that won’t disappoint. Specific proven plant combination used for indifferent environments. All these combinations are assured by Flera Atelier. Don´t worry, nothing´s taboo in this seminar.

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Flera Academy obohacuje veřejnost o cenné znalosti a zkušenosti se zahradní architekturou

Lecture 3

Spice up your garden

”With simplicity, comes clarity and peace” this has been Ferdinand´s motto. This seminar proves that simplicity, truthfulness and common sense are ways to achieve gardens that you’ll love to live.To show where there is no compromise and where there is unbridled freedom. The result is a relaxed garden with serenity and satisfaction.Ferdinand and his  collegue from Flera open the topic about repeating Czech gardens and there affliction.The last part of this seminar is more technical oriented and Flera´s planners discuss in depth about technical parameters for your garden.For instance: How to water your garden? Is an automatic water system necessary? Using garden lighting? How to process topsoil? Drainage and it’s pitfalls.

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