Ferdinand´s American journey

I am sitting at a small garden table, on the city patio in Los Angeles’s Long Beach district. I have been wandering with my wife and children across the west of the United States for other a month. After twenty years; I have returned to place which had enchanted me a long time ago. I gained the most valuable life experience here and this is the place where I decided to become a landscape architect.

Ferdinand Leffler čerpá inspiraci pro zahradní architekturu i na cestách po světě, například v Americe

In America, I  met gardeners who traveled from garden to garden with absolute certainty, and at each of the garden they left a bit of their roots and handed over a piece of their greatness and purest self.

You would always see these gardeners with scruffy looking trucks which always fascinated me. In despite the fact that I have a number of doubts about American gardens these days, I still enjoy the grace and straight forwardness that they approach their craftsmanship. Sometimes I find myself overwrought by our European over reorganization and intricacy.

On the other hand, today in the US, at least in the towns, it seems to be too “easy-going” and unmaintained. I have to admit that during my wander around Moravia at the beginning of the summer holidays I come across much nicer front yards.

What inspires me immensely in America is the landscape. Almost virgin landscapes without over development and too much human intervention. Not ravished nature, just left as it has always been. Wilderness, forests and endless distances. Space and proportions I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

One of my very first experiences was the Grand Canyon. I regularly lost my breath witnessing this magnificent place. It doesn’t stop there; deserts, prairies, rocks, forests, wild rivers and waterfalls. This continent, thanks to its spaciousness, has something we can only just converse about in Europe.

Every coin has two sides and I have to acknowledge that despite all this, I can´t wait to be back at the Brdy hills. It is somehow safe and familiar there.


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